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Women Who Code Tokyo
WWCode Tokyo @

Women Who Code is a global non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. I'm a Director of the Tokyo chapter. We organize events focused on networking, knowledge sharing, development of technical and non-technical skills, inspiration and mentorship. We also provide volunteer leadership and public speaking opportunities. In this article I explain in a bit more detail about what we're doing at Women Who Code Tokyo.

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The Lead Dev Meetup (Tokyo)
Lead Dev Tokyo @

Lead Dev is a series of conferences and meetups designed with the needs and pain points of technical team leads in mind. It started with a conference in London and expanded to have events in Edinburgh, New York, Austin, Berlin, San Francisco, and Tokyo. I'm one of the organizers of the meetup series in Tokyo. All the events are around three key themes: Teams, Tech & Tools. We invite speakers to talks about their experience in these areas and have some networking time over food and drinks.

Although we haven't been able to organize any in-person events since COVID-19, The Lead Dev has been holding some online events and they even started an online publication, with some great articles written by industry leaders. I also recently published my article with them: A data-centric approach to understanding underrepresentation.

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SpeakHer on Github

This idea came from my friend Yan Fan her friend Emi Takemura as a way to uncover and give vibility to women public speakers in Japan, encouraging more diversity in conference lineups and panels. So I gathered Yan and Ann Kilzer and we started working on this project together.

The project is (for now) a serverless Vue.js site, using Airtable as the database and hosted on Netlify . It's also an open-source project being developed under the the Women Who Code Tokyo github organization. (this website!) on Github

This is my personal website. A project I started in an attempt to aggregate all the content I create, projects and organizations I'm involved in a nice, online portifolio of my own. It was also an excuse to try out a few modern static site technologies and CMS engines (is Wordpress dead yet?). This website uses Awake , a Nuxt.js template to build static websites, deployed on Netlify and using Netlify CMS to manage the blog posts.

You can find how to contact me on the Contact page.

Others (WIP, coming soon, etc)

I always have millions of ideas and get excited to work on many different things. And being horrible at prioritizing like I am, I'm always trying out these new ideas (although almost always giving up halfway through lol). Here's some of the most recent stuff that I started or plan on start working on and that I may or may not make enough progress to eventually move it to it's own section above:

  • The Women Who Code Tokyo Web App
    • An attempt to build a web app to manage the local community in Tokyo. Besides a contentful public site, the idea is to have a leaders-only admin area with some features like events & SNS publisher (automating some of the cross-posting, image resizing, maybe even English ⟷ Japanese translation), a local blog, etc.
    • So far it only has a URL shortener and a bunch of security vulnerabilities lol
    • Ideally it would also be the API for the mobile app other leaders are trying to build.
  • Structured courses and workshops
    • This website is only the first step to aggregate, organize and publish more of my own content online. The next step I have in mind is to create structured courses and workshops to share some useful knowledge and skills I accumulated during my personal and professional and journey.
    • The main idea is to focus on professional skills that can help people get a job, step up on their careers or get better salaries in the modern economy. Most of it would be around key technical knowledge for less technical folks, leadership and management for anyone.
  • Check out other abandoned ideas that never left the "Hello World" stage on my github lol