About me

Hi 👋 I'm Tutti

If you don't know me yet, I'm Tutti (or @tuttiq online). I'm a software engineer, manager, and volunteer leader of some developer communities and organizations.

I'm originally from Brazil (Campinas, São Paulo), where I got my CS major, moved to work in London for a while and currently I'm living and working in Tokyo.

A quick summary of my career

I have a weird story of how I got into programming , but I actually majored in Computer Engineering (which, back at that time, was basically Computer Science + some random Engineering core subjects like Mechanics, Chemistry and a ton of Calculus and Physics).

On my 4th year of college (2011) I started working as a Software Engineer, mainly with web technologies like Java, C#, Ruby on Rails and Javascript (Coffeescript and jQuery at that time!). Then I went on to work a bit with Android app development at Samsung Brasil, and after that was when I moved to London to be a Ruby on Rails engineer for an EdTech startup named Quipper.

Quipper was acquired by the giant Japanese corporation Recruit Holdings and after about 2 years working for them in London, I decided to try out moving to their office in Tokyo.


I've been in Japan since September 2017, and around October 2018 I moved from Quipper to become an Engineering Program Manager at Mercari. I've managed a team called Engineering Office, composed of technical program managers (engineers and non-engineers), working on technical trainings and projects to improve the overall engineering culture at Mercari. At that time, I wrote an article exaplaining our approach to shaping the Engineering culture in a chaotic environment .

After working with people-centric programs on the engineering divison, I've now moved to manage the People Programs team, a team focused on company-wide D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) and L&D (Learning & Development) programs. In this team we manage all programs related to diversity & inclusion, onboarding and training of new employees and leadership development for managers, focused on strategy, execution and people management. This Mercan article explains a bit about the background and scope of the People Programs team.

Quipper London team, January 2016
I'm also part of the Women@Mercari team, that works on cool stuff like this internship program for underrepresented folks.

On the other side

Besides my main job, I also find time (somehow) to be involved with some developer communities and organizations. I'm a volunteer Director of Women Who Code Tokyo and organizer of the Lead Dev meetup here.

I mainly help these communities organizing events, finding sponsors and hosts, finding speakers or speaking myself when I have a new talk to put out.

Particularly with Women Who Code, I engage on all other aspects of managing and scaling the community, like online engagement on Slack or social media channels, connecting with leaders in other countries to share knowledge or organize larger regional events ( WWCode CONNECT Asia !), producing branded swags, onboarding new volunteers and meeting with the other local Directors to strategize our efforts. Sometimes I also mentor or coach some of our members directly, or try to gather people to work on some cool side-project for learning purposes.

I wrote an article about what we are doing at Women Who Code Tokyo , so check it out for more details and some useful links.

And of course, like any other human being, sometimes I need to disconnect and just spend some time on my random forms of leisure. My favorite activities are to hangout with friends (usually on a hunt for the best brunch places in Tokyo!), reading (I can finally say that after so many years that I never touched a book!) and cooking (I occasionally post my masterpieces attempts on Instagram 🙂).


You can find me on social media following the links below or fill out my Contact Form on this website.